Adderall Blues

from by Cory Tonna

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So excited in my head.
I know I'm gonna wind up dead.
I'm gonna wind up dead.
All this secco, so
you know I know you know I know
I should be drinking coffee instead.

I know something about SUSY.
I know how long it go.
If I been,
If I been wrong then tell me how it's a code
to Mexico.
I know I said, "I said, 'So
so what you talking about?'"
Already know.

I said, "Why you trying to Soul?"
I said, "No idea."
I said, "I know why."
I said. "I got a little bit of friendship.
It's gonna hurt you in the back of your hip."
I said, "My poppy racing all around the past."
You said, "I don't know much about your momma
or the place she stay in."

I got the Adderall Blues.
I got the Adderall Blues.
Got the
prescription issued,
making my tooth
hurt me down to my toes.
I know. (X6)
Hurt me down to the root.

Just when you think that it's done
it starts over again.
I said,
"I know (X6)
I ain't got any friends."
I'm from Michigan.
I said,
"I'm seeing the world in a whole brand-new way."
I said, "I'm seeing the world."
My eye's got the new lens.

Now this next one's just for fun:
Well, I knew me a woman.
Now I knew me a girl.
I tell you something,
Now that girl, that girl was my whole world.
My whole world.
Well now I loved me that woman
more, more
than chocolate vanilla swirl.

That's why i got the
one, two, three, four.
The one, two, three, four.
Got the one, two, three, four.
The one, two, three, four and blues.
The Adderall Blues.
I got the Adderall Blues.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
All because of you.


from Bodhi, released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Cory Tonna Portland, Oregon

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